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Le Dore' "Gold" Collection

"Indulge in opulence with our Le Dore' Gold Collection. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each piece is a testament to the timeless allure of gold. Radiating warmth and sophistication, these stunning creations range from delicate filigree to bold statement pieces, offering a touch of luxury for every occasion. Elevate your style with the unmistakable glamour of Le Dore' Collection, where elegance meets enduring craftsmanship."

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Millie Chain Necklace - Alais BrancheMillie Cuban Link Chain - Alais Branche
Olivia Chain Necklace - Alais Branche
Daisy Body Square Necklace - Alais BrancheDaisy Body Square Necklace - Alais Branche
(Copy) Isabelle Love Hoop Earrings - Alais Branche(Copy) Isabelle Love Hoop Earrings - Alais Branche
Freya Spiral Drop Earrings - Alais BrancheFreya Spiral Drop Earrings - Alais Branche
Emma Drop Earings - Alais BrancheEmma Drop Earings - Alais Branche
Emma Spiral Drop Earrings Sale price$50.00
Chloé Cuban Chain Bracelet - Alais BrancheChloé Cuban Chain Bracelet - Alais Branche
Chloé Chain Bracelet Sale price$50.00
Kimora Irregular Branches Ring - Alais BrancheKimora Irregular Branches Ring - Alais Branche
Kimora Ring Sale price$35.00
Poppy Circle Love Earrings - Alais BranchePoppy Circle Love Earrings - Alais Branche
Naomi Drop Love Necklace - Alais BrancheNaomi Drop Love Necklace - Alais Branche
Naomi Love Necklace Sale price$45.00
Isla Heart Pendant Necklaces - Alais BrancheIsla Heart Pendant Necklaces - Alais Branche
Elsie Zirconia Bracelet - Alais BrancheElsie Zirconia Bracelet - Alais Branche
Elsie Tennis Bracelet Sale price$50.00
Luna Evil Eye Ring - Alais BrancheLuna Evil Eye Ring - Alais Branche
Luna Evil Eye Ring Sale price$50.00
Josie Double Rope Necklace - Alais BrancheJosie Double Rope Necklace - Alais Branche
Lauren 11:11 Bar Necklace - Alais BrancheLauren 11:11 Bar Necklace - Alais Branche
Lauren 11:11 Bar Necklace Sale price$45.00
Anna Spring Earrings - Alais BrancheAnna Spring Earrings - Alais Branche
Tasha 11:11 Zircon Necklace - Alais BrancheTasha 11:11 Zircon Necklace - Alais Branche
Hannah Twisted  Zirconia Earrings - Alais BrancheHannah Twisted  Zirconia Earrings - Alais Branche
Serena Evil Eye Pendant - Alais BrancheSerena Evil Eye Pendant - Alais Branche
Isla Hoop Earrings - Alais BrancheIsla Hoop Earrings - Alais Branche
Zoe Hoop Earrings Sale price$35.00
Abigail Link Earings - Alais BrancheAbigail Link Earings - Alais Branche
Mila Chunky Open Ring - Alais Branche
Mila Chunky Open Ring Sale price$50.00
Miabella Round Hoop Earrings - Alais BrancheMiabella Round Hoop Earrings - Alais Branche
Miabella Huggie Earrings Sale price$35.00