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Mixte' Me’Tal Collection

"Introducing our Mixed Metal Collection, a fusion of elegance and modernity. This captivating ensemble seamlessly blends various metals, creating unique pieces that effortlessly transition from day to night. From the subtle interplay of silver and gold, each design showcases the harmonious beauty of diverse metals, making a striking statement that complements any style."

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Scarlett Lock Pendant Necklaces - Alais BrancheScarlett Lock Pendant Necklaces - Alais Branche
Evie C Shaped Earrings - Alais BrancheEvie Fringe Earrings - Alais Branche
Evie Fringe Earrings Sale price$50.00
Willow Chain Necklace - Alais Branche
Ivy Chain Bracelet - Alais BrancheIvy Chain Bracelet - Alais Branche
Luna Chain Necklace - Alais BrancheLuna Chain Necklace - Alais Branche
Luna Coil Necklace Set Sale price$50.00
Anna Drop Earring - Alais BrancheAnna Drop Earring - Alais Branche
Anna Drop Earrings Sale price$50.00
Aurora Cuban Chain Necklace - Alais BrancheAurora Cuban Chain Necklace - Alais Branche
Rosie Dangle Link Earring - Alais BrancheRosie Dangle Link Earring - Alais Branche
Ada Chain Necklace - Alais Branche
Delilah Chain Bracelet - Alais Branche
Delilah Chain Bracelet Sale price$35.00
Violet Cuban Link Necklace - Alais BrancheViolet Chain Necklace - Alais Branche
Ella Stack Bracelets - Alais BrancheElla Stack Bracelets - Alais Branche
Charlotte Chain Choker Necklace - Alais BrancheCharlotte Chain Choker Necklace - Alais Branche
Aurelia Chain Necklace Sale price$45.00
Ayla Circle Hoop Earrings - Alais BrancheAyla Circle Hoop Earrings - Alais Branche
Ayla Huggie Hoop Earrings Sale price$35.00
Florence Stud Earrings - Alais BrancheFlorence Stud Earrings - Alais Branche
Florence Cuff Earrings Sale price$35.00
Freya Drop Stud Earrings - Alais BrancheFreya Drop Stud Earrings - Alais Branche
Evelyn Twisted Zircon  Earring - Alais BrancheEvelyn Twisted Zircon  Earring - Alais Branche
Ruby Chunky Ring - Alais BrancheRuby Chunky Ring - Alais Branche
Allida Open Ring Sale price$45.00
Erin Croissant Bump Ring - Alais BrancheErin Croissant Bump Ring - Alais Branche
Delia Twist Ring Sale price$45.00
Layla Crossed Finger Ring - Alais BrancheLayla Crossed Finger Ring - Alais Branche
Layla Crossed Ring Sale price$45.00
Penelope Double Layer Ring - Alais BranchePenelope Double Layer Ring - Alais Branche
Elena Ring Sale price$45.00
Lily Cuff Bracelet - Alais BrancheLily Cuff Bracelet - Alais Branche
Lily Cuff Bracelet Sale price$40.00
Bonnie Cross Bracelet - Alais BrancheBonnie Cross Bracelet - Alais Branche
Bonnie Cuff Bracelet Sale price$45.00