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Jewelry Care


At Alais Branche’ we pride ourselves in providing the best quality Luxe Jewelry Collections and more.

 Our items are made from:
18k Gold Plated Stainless Steel
18k Gold Plated
925 Sterling Silver
925 Sterling Silver Stainless Steel

These base metals are non-tarnish and hypoallergenic, this means it will not turn green.
You can wear our items in the shower however we recommend limiting the use of perfumes and chemicals on your pieces as it will decrease the lifespan.

18k Gold Plated jewelry can last 2-3 years with proper care.

Plain 925 Silver can last up to 20 years with proper care and plain Stainless Steel can last up to 50 years with proper care.

Using a soft lint free cloth, periodically wipe your jewellery. This will keep your jewellery looking shiny. Ideally, store your Alais Branche’ purchases in a dark, cool and dry place within an air tight box or bag to help reduce scratching and tangling.

Please also note that, although every effort is made to photograph our items accurately and describe our products in detail, we cannot guarantee every computer monitor will accurately depict the actual color of the merchandise. Also when using flash this may alter the color slightly.